Do you own a property in Stoke-on-Trent and hope to increase your property’s value and attract more tenants? Renovation and refurbishment are viable strategies. In such a competitive rental market, you need to ensure your property is more appealing compared to the others. Here are some recommendations to help you maximise your property potential and attract high-quality tenants.

Property Condition Assessment

It is necessary to evaluate the current state of the property before starting any renovation or refurbishment project. In this regard, you can identify areas that require improvement and prioritise your renovation efforts. Such factors include age, structure integrity and pending repairs.

Kitchen and Bathroom Focus

Kitchens and bathrooms are commonly heavily used rooms in a property and can be key factors for a tenant’s decision to rent. Consider updating these spaces with contemporary fittings, new appliances and fresh coats of paint. These changes can significantly add value to the property, as well as attract more tenants.

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Inclusion of Energy-Efficient Components

Tenant preferences have resulted in increased demand for energy-efficient features. Consequently, reflect on energy-saving appliances installation, LED bulbs replacement as well as insulation upgrade. The benefits accruing from these modifications are enhanced worth of the premises plus low power expenses by occupants.

Creating More Rooms to Live In

When you create additional living space this can significantly increase the value of your property and also help in getting more tenancy rights. For instance, one idea is converting an attic or basement into a bedroom or living area which serves as additional space for potential tenants in our houses because it is attractive to them during the viewing process for their next homes.

Make the biggest improvement on its exterior

The outside of the property is the first thing potential renters see, so it is important to make a good impression. Consider repainting the exterior of the property, upgrading the entrance and adding new landscaping. This can significantly improve curb appeal and attract more tenants.

Invest in Quality Flooring

The quality flooring can do wonders for your property’s value and lure more tenants. Think about hardwood or laminate floors, which are both long-lasting and attractive options. These materials also require less cleaning and maintenance than carpets.

Add Storage Space

Storage space is a big selling point for possible tenants. Think about incorporating built-in storage solutions like shelves, cupboards and wardrobes into this space. This can immensely boost the value of your property as well as attract more people to live there.

Upgrade Electrical and Plumbing Systems

Upgrading electrical systems of a house will help increase its price, greatly attracting more buyers in return. For instance, go for modern electrical systems that can withstand high rates of power consumption unlike those old ones or perhaps plumbing systems that are effective and efficient.

Hire a Professional

Renovations and refurbishments tend to be complex processes that demand dedication from an individual performing them. Consider hiring a professional to manage the project so you can ensure that it goes on as planned.

To refurbish your rental property, Hype Building is an excellent option. With a long history of providing first-rate renovations as well as the conversion of HMOs in Stoke-on-Trent and environs areas, your expectations are to receive nothing short of first class services from this firm. They have a highly skilled team of professionals who will work with you closely so that they can get to understand your requirements and offer you help that will be free from any worries in relation to the process of refurbishment. From conception to final delivery, Hype Building is dedicated to giving outstanding results that increase the value and appeal of your rental property.

Market the Property Efficiently

Marketing a property effectively to catch the attention of good tenants is important, once the renovation and refurbishment project is completed. It is possible to reach more people using online platforms, social media, or traditional advertising. Make it stand out by highlighting its unique features and improvements.

Average cost of renovation for rental properties in Stoke-on-trent

Depending on the type and extent of renovations required, costs may vary when it comes to average costs of renovating rental properties in Stoke-on-Trent. However, others estimate that fully rehabilitating a place can be from £5,000 to £50,000 plus depending on how big or worse a building is.

In summary, in Stoke-on-Trent’s competitive rental market, refurbishing and renovating are very necessary for increasing your house value and attracting tenants. You can maximize your property’s potential and attract high-quality tenants by emphasizing on parts like: condition of the house, kitchens/bathrooms; energy efficient features; additional living space; exterior; flooring; storage space; electrical/plumbing systems; hire a pro; marketing of the property.

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