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You deserve a property manager you can TRUST.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could hand over the keys to your property manager, drive back to your home hundreds of miles away, and relax knowing that your property is well-managed?

You can with HYPE.

And here are the reasons why HYPE should be your property manager.

1. It doesn’t matter even if you’re not a local

The vast majority of our landlords live outside of Stoke-on-Trent. They come from all across the nation.

They opted to invest in the Potteries after hearing about its enormous potential. In addition, it is a buy-to-let hotspot.

But you probably don’t want to uproot and relocate here.

As a result, you require the services of a reputable property manager. One who you can trust

You may next use Google to look for letting agents in Stoke-on-Trent or property management in Stoke-on-Trent. Which is certainly a nice place to start.

Up will pop a whole host of high street names that you are familiar with.

However, the majority of the results will be estate agents. And, certainly, they are well-versed in the Stoke-on-Trent housing market. They excel in dealing with single-let properties. They will almost certainly assist you in finding renters for your single let.

They are not very excellent with HMO lettings and management.

They’re not used to home sharing and the complications that a house full of unrelated people can bring. That’s a completely different ballgame. One that needs deep knowledge.

You will need an HMO property management company for this. You require HMO experts.

Because the majority of investors or landlords intending to invest in Stoke-on-Trent prefer to do so in HMO properties. Mostly because they can possibly provide a considerably larger return on investment (ROI).

The research took into account house prices, local salaries and rental returns. And the results were conclusive in favour of The Potteries.

“As a landlord, I’ve been extremely happy with their work and proactiveness to market and look after my property. They offer a great range of services from cleaning, lettings, renovations, and repairs and maintenance. Happy to recommend their services.”

Jimmy Lee – HYPE landlord

So what you actually need to look for is:

  • A letting agent who will pick up the phone at 3 a.m. if one of your renters has locked themselves out (yes, we have done that on more than one occasion).
  • A maintenance staff that covers all trades so you don’t have to hire a plumber to fix your leaky boiler and then an electrician to fix your flickering light. Let alone attempt to discover folks who are trustworthy and reputable.
  • A cleaning crew that will keep the common spaces clean so that your tenants are delighted.

Because you require all of these stuff. And, ideally, you should have them all under one roof.

Unfortunately, you cannot ask Google to discover all of these items for you. And even if you could, what are the odds that all of those services would be in the same location?

That is where we come in.

Because these things are standard with HYPE’s experienced property management.

This leads us to our second reason…

Landlords, relax. You’re in the right place.

When you join HYPE Lettings, your property is in safe hands. Because as Stoke-on-Trent’s biggest HMO Letting Agents, we know about property management. And whatever type of property you have, we’re confident we can find the right tenants. Let us free up your time so you can focus on the other important things in your life.

We manage property properly.

Become a stress-free LANDLORD

2. HYPE can help if your current property manager is unsatisfactory

When investors and landlords perform a Google search, they almost always look for a name they recognize.

Who wouldn’t want to? After all, that is the whole point of the search.

You will do research on the top letting agents in Stoke-on-Trent. Stoke on Trent’s most respected property management company. You do your homework.
And at that point, you’re like 95% of other like-minded landlords and investors.

You must have complete faith in that letting agency. When all is said and done, they will charge you a percentage to manage your property.

So you’re not going to make that decision lightly.

You put your faith in the letting agency that has been in business for many years. The most reputable letting agent. The specialized property management firm with a huge high street presence.

And at that point, you’re like 95% of other like-minded landlords and investors.

Work completed. You give the keys.

You’ve picked one of Stoke on Trent’s most well-known letting agents. Sit back and wait for your first rent payment.

But it never arrives.

Nothing has changed in weeks.

What exactly happened? The agency stated that they have rented out properties all across the neighborhood where yours is located.

They weren’t telling the truth.

The only difference is that yours is an HMO. And the letting agent you choose isn’t an HMO letting agent.

They promote your house in a very different way than an HMO letting agent would.

So you have voids now.

Do you wait to see what happens?

Or do you return to Google and look for Stoke-on-Trent HMO rental agents?

If search that, you’ll find us.

We make no claim to compete with the huge high-street labels. We don’t want to either.

What we do know is the HMO market in Stoke-on-Trent.

That is not to imply we do not handle a big number of buy-to-let homes successfully. In our inventory, we have a variety of studio apartments, flats, and homes.

So, if your letting agency has let you down, don’t worry; help is on the way.

Because these things are standard with HYPE’s expert property management.

3. We are knowledgeable about Stoke-on-Trent & which areas will let

You may be unfamiliar with the area if you reside outside of Stoke-on-Trent. As a result, you may be unaware of which places are ideal for particular sorts of property.

You might not be aware of the areas that are most suited to Royal Stoke University Hospital employees. Or Bet 365.

Did you know that Stoke has a large industrial area where the major distribution centers are concentrated? Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s, for example, have large workforces and so individuals in need of housing.

Perhaps you want to enter the student market.

Perhaps you’re familiar with Staffordshire University, the student quarter, and the areas around Stoke railway station known for student housing and student HMOs.

That’s fantastic. And investing in a property in the Stoke-on-Trent student quarter is expected to yield a high return on investment.

What you may not know is that Keele University students choose to live in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.

That’s the thing.

We do.

These tiny nuggets of information are critical when investing in property.

Property management may be the difference between success and failure.

We have a landlord who bought a property less than a mile from Keele University, believing it would be excellent for a student HMO. Students who don’t drive aren’t drawn to the house share since it isn’t on a bus route.

Fortunately, we identified the problem and made the property available to working professionals.

And after a short period of time, the rooms were fully booked, making this one of our most popular home shares.

In contrast, while being considerably further away, we have student HMOs in Newcastle-under-Lyme that are ideal for Keele students. This is due to their proximity to the local bus station, from which they may catch a bus directly to the Keele University campus.

These facts are not immediately apparent. This is especially true if you are not from the land of cups and saucers.

Finding a nice Stoke-on-Trent property to buy is one thing. Another thing to consider is if it will appeal to tenants.

There are properties to let all across the Potteries that are struggling because the investor or landlord has not been provided the necessary assistance.

But don’t worry.

Because these things are standard with HYPE’s expert property management.

4. Our letting agents are able to fill properties quickly

This point complements the preceding point.

We are knowledgeable about Stoke-on-Trent, the local property market, and the places that are available for letting. As a result, we are certain that when we take on your property, it will be quickly occupied.

Otherwise, we will advise you before agreeing to manage it for you.

If you ask us to manage a property in an area where we presently do not have any properties offered, we will always inform you of our reservations. And they will almost always be dependent on location.

When it comes to viewings, our letting agents are always truthful. We constantly tell prospective tenants about the expenses of acquiring a room or property, as well as the following actions they should take if they are interested.

Because these things are standard with HYPE’s expert property management.

“I highly recommend HYPE as a letting agent having used them for nearly 2 years now… They are hard-working and have found great tenants for us.”

Wendy Muirhead – HYPE landlord

5. We are a professional letting agency that is affiliated with all of the appropriate governing bodies.

This is a critical consideration.

When you place your trust in a property manager, you must ensure that they are who they claim to be.

You’re entrusting them with your property, whether it’s single-let management or HMO management. That is a significant decision. You must be certain that they are properly governed.

You must ensure that they adhere to a specific code of conduct.

That is your insurance policy.



We cannot emphasize this enough.

Doing things correctly

Visit HYPE Lettings to view the organisations with whom we work closely.

Being associated of such organisations helps to manage and regulate how we conduct things. It contributes to the establishment of policies and processes.

It helps us in finding suitable tenants for your property. Tenants who have received assistance in their application procedure. Tenants whose credit and references have been checked.

As part of your selection process for a property manager, request proof that they are members of the relevant governing bodies.

We do things by the book.

However, there are some unscrupulous letting agents out there that do not.

When HYPE manages your property, reassurance is standard.

6. We have our own maintenance team that can address problems quickly.

The benefit of working with HYPE Lettings is that you receive more than simply our lettings staff.

You will also have access to our maintenance division. They also specialize in property maintenance.

As a result, if something goes wrong at your property and you need it fixed quickly, we’ve got you covered.

We offer every trade under one roof.

You don’t have to call around for a plumber, electrician, or roofer.

They’re all right here.

So when one of your tenants phones to report the oven isn’t functioning or one of the bathroom spotlights has gone out, we can respond fast.

That’s the peace of mind you’re after.

That is what distinguishes us.

Because HYPE property management includes a professional maintenance crew as standard.

7. We have our own cleaning team that keeps the common spaces clean.

Another asset that HYPE Lettings has is a team of expert cleaners.

It’s not uncommon for tenants to let things slip and let the mess take over in an HMO. This can have a very negative impact on your property over time.

Our professional cleaning team will not only prepare your property for let, keep communal areas in good condition for tenants, and provide deep cleans in between tenancies, but they will also keep a close eye on it.

In fact, they use a comprehensive 15-point checklist each time they visit your property.

Here are a few examples of what they are looking for:

  • Ensure that all relevant documents are displayed on the notice board.
  • Assure that all smoke alarms are installed and functional.
  • Verify that all necessary fire safety equipment is available.
  • Inspect the sinks for any leaks.
  • Check the property for any rubbish both inside and outdoors.

We do far more than simply clean.

This comprehensive solution goes above and above to elevate property management to greater heights.

Keeping your tenants happy comes as standard with HYPE property management.

8. To keep our landlords updated, we use state-of-the-art technology.

HYPE Lettings’ systems enable us to interact effectively with our landlords and tenants.

If, for example, one of your tenants reports a maintenance issue, we want images of the situation. This helps us choose which member of our team is the best for the job based on the skill level necessary.

This also aids in estimating the cost of the job.

The technology we utilize will automatically add that job to our system and notify the landlord that work is necessary.

If you want to proceed with the task, it will be assigned to the next available time slot.

If the work has been marked as urgent (for example, a boiler breakdown), we have an active responding system that will handle the problem as soon as possible.

When our team visits the property, they utilize an app to provide an accurate report of their work. This program also allows us to transmit photographs to the landlord both before and after the repair is performed.

That way, you’ll know the job is done.

That way, you may be confident that we are charging you fairly.

It appears to be a rather simple procedure. However, simple things are sometimes neglected.

We are confident that our system works.

Good communication is standard with HYPE property management.

9. We take pride in being honest and telling landlords the TRUTH.

Our company’s ethos is based on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. They are, in our opinion, the foundation of all excellent relationships.

We strive for transparency in all aspects of our business.

Before deciding on HYPE Lettings, we encourage you to visit our office, meet the team, and learn more about us.

You’ll see right away that we’re a pretty straightforward team.

However, you must be able to trust us unconditionally to accomplish what we say we will do.

So we believe that is the greatest option.

There is no pretense. There is no nonsense. Simply open and honest conversation.

Take, for example, our landlord fees.

Our fees are transparent. They are visible to everyone on our website. You may find out more by going to the landlords section.

You’ll also be able to view our property portfolio, the portals where we display our properties, and landlord testimonials from some of the wonderful people we deal with.

Fees for Landlords is a good place to start if you want a brief review of our three different landlord packages.

All solid alliances are founded on trust.

As a result, if you choose HYPE Lettings to manage your property, you will ALWAYS get the TRUTH.

Because we couldn’t operate any other way at HYPE.

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